Uber rolls out ice cream service (but only for today)

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 18, 2014
Uber rolls out ice cream service (but only for today)

Uber has had its ups and downs, and while the service has its fans, not everyone is excited about its presence in their cities. Perhaps in an effort to help sway opinions towards friendlier grounds (or just to get more people to sign up), the company has announced that today it will be rolling out a different kind of service: on-demand ice cream.

Today — and today only — Uber will be serving up on-demand ice cream in the same manner it offers on-demand cars: through its app. There’s an Ice Cream option in the company’s app, and if you’re in one of the areas being serviced, you can use it to order tasty treats.

As with ordering cars, ordering ice cream will be billed to your Uber account, no old school cash exchange necessary. What kind of vehicles will be delivering the ice cream isn’t detailed (ice cream trucks, presumably), but the where has been revealed.

The on-demand ice cream service will be available in six continents in a total of 38 countries, amounting to 144 cities. Places are varied, and include locations like Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Barcelona, Brussels, Guadalajara, and many more. You can see the full list of locations, treats available, cost, and times via the link below.


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