Uber partners with Capital One to offer free ride rewards

Uber has teamed up with Capital One to give some of their mutual customers the opportunity to earn free rides. The new partnership concerns the Capital One Quicksilver and QuicksilverOne card; when used to pay for Uber rides, those payments will earn rewards that eventually lead to a free ride (up to a certain value). Reward tracking is made available directly within the Uber mobile app.

The idea is that you tie a card to Uber and then use it to pay for your rides, not thinking about the card itself. You could use any reward card and enjoy the benefits of those rewards (through the issuing company, not Uber), but Capital One is hoping you'll use one of its Quicksilver cards instead.

Under this new program, which is running up through March 31, 2017, users will get their tenth ride for free for up to $15 in fare. Rides paid with the Capital One card are tracked in the Uber app and visible at any time, with the number of free rides needed being displayed. This is done through the app's new Payment Rewards "experience."

It appears this section of the app will be used to show reward options offered, with this Capital One partnership being the first of those reward options. Once a free ride is available, the user has the option to save it for use later on or two redeem it right away. You'll need to be using the latest version of the Uber app to see these rewards.

SOURCE: Uber Newsroom