Uber lets you check into your hotel with new Trip Branding feature

Uber is a great way to get around when you're traveling. Rather than renting a car or trying to hail a cab, with a few taps on your screen, you can have a car ready to take you to your destination on the cheap. But Uber is wanting to make their app even more useful, by letting you do things like check into your hotel room while you're en route.

Uber won't always know the intimate details of your trip, instead, you'll have to book your ride through one of their partner apps. Thanks to their new Trip Branding feature, you'll be able to use your hotel's app to summon an Uber. Once that connection is made, your Uber app will then allow you to easily skip all of the chit-chat at the front desk, and get you checked in. Then all you'll need to do is stop by and pick up your keys.

Hotels aren't the only places that will benefit from the new feature. If you book your ride through Zomato's restaurant app, once you've gotten your ride, you can check the menu on the drive over. That way you don't have to spend another 5-10 minutes looking it over and deciding what to eat, once you get seated.

To kick off the feature, Uber has partnered with Hilton, Citymapper, and Zomato. More apps will likely be added in the future. If you're curious what Citymapper is doing with Uber, it will actually let you coordinate your journey by combining both public transportation such as a train or a bus, with your Uber ride.

The feature is available for any app developers who want to integrate their services with Uber, so it should be interesting to see what other partners are added in the coming months.

Source: Uber