Uber explains how it will handle drivers exposed to coronavirus

Uber has released information on how it is handling the coronavirus outbreak, including how drivers will be supported if they're exposed to the virus. According to the company, it will offer 'financial assistance' for up to 14 days for any driver or delivery person who is directly impacted by the virus. As well, it explains how it is keeping its vehicles clean and more.

In light of the growing coronavirus outbreaks, which have officially reached 'pandemic' level, according to WHO, people are raising questions over whether it is safe to continue using public transportation, among other things. Uber has shared some information on how it is responding to the matter, explaining that it is providing its drivers with disinfectant supplies to sanitize cars.

As well, the company is allowing its customers to request that food deliveries be left at their door, something recently also offered by Postmates, and it has established a team that is supporting public health experts 24/7. Under this, Uber has revealed that it may temporarily suspend a driver's or rider's account if it has been confirmed that they were exposed to or have contracted the virus.

Drivers and delivery people who are diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by this coronavirus, or who have been individually ordered to isolate themselves, will get unspecified 'financial assistance' for up to two weeks. The support will be made available globally; Uber says that some drivers have already benefited from this.

The company is advising its delivery drivers to pay attention to whether customers want their product left at their door. As well, the company has told drivers that it will protect their 'Uber Pro' status throughout this period of time so that it isn't impacted by changes caused by the outbreaks.