Uber expands into Las Vegas, Nevada

On Monday, the Nevada Transportation Authority approved Uber and Lyft for operation in the state, and though the companies still have to hash things out with authorities in regions within the state, it was a big deal for both ridesharing services. Uber in particular was apparently preparing things behind closed doors (or else it gets into gear quickly), as a mere day has passed since the announcement and already the company has cars on the ground.

In a statement to the Las Vegas Sun, an Uber spokesperson said the ride-sharing company was looking to launch in the state as soon as possible. Apparently ASAP means the very next day, as Uber just announced its expansion into Nevada's most famous city, Las Vegas. As with other places, those in the area need to download the app, set up their account, and then start ordering cars.

Uber says that it is "excited to be" in Las Vegas, and it made mention in its announcement that both Senators Michael Roberson and Kelvin Atkinson became Uber's so-called "Rider Zeros" in trips in Southern Nevada. It appears only UberX has has launched in Vegas at this point.

Prices, as those familiar will know, vary based on things like surge pricing. However, Uber has laid out some example fares to give new riders an idea of what to expect. One example is a trip from downtown Vegas to Summerlin, which will cost an estimated $36 to $48 USD. A drive from downtown to Henderson is estimated at $39 to $52 USD.

SOURCE: Uber Blog