Uber Eats adds emoji searches for when you're too tired to type

Have you ever found yourself exhausted after a day of work and suddenly so hungry you can't work up the effort to cook a meal...or even type in a full search term? If so, Uber Eats' latest update is made for you. Going forward, users can now search for the food item they want by entering an emoji into the search field instead of words.

The Uber Eats app now has the option to type in an emoji, then see the restaurants and merchants nearby who offer that item — and yes, the map presents these options using the same emoji. Jokes aside, the option is useful for those who may struggle with spelling, who are still learning to speak their local language, or who are traveling internationally.

The example Uber provided for this new feature is the burger emoji — it doesn't matter what language you speak, an image of a burger conveniently conveys the idea of a burger. The map shows where the user can find the food option nearby, including which destinations are closest to their current location.

If you're not in the mood for a burger, you can instead use the pizza emoji, sushi emoji, or maybe even the ice cream cone emoji if you're in the mood for a treat. The pickup map includes cards with more detailed information about the restaurants presented on the map, including their ratings from other users.

This new addition aside, the Uber Eats app remains the same as always — you can still use ordinary word-based searches, of course, if you're not feeling savvy enough to use your favorite emoji. The app can be used to order food and other goods like alcohol for delivery or pickup.