Uber adds business profiles to keep your worlds apart

Work during the day, have fun during the night. If you're using Uber to get around, it represents the point of the day where your two worlds collide — and that can be a problem, depending on your need to keep business expenses organized. To help users keep their worlds apart, the ridesharing service has introduced business profiles, which riders can create for use exclusively with work-related trips, leaving personal rides in their own category.

Those with a business profile can select whether a ride is for business or personal reasons. This is done within the app, where a rider can have a business credit card on file for business trips, and a personal credit card on file for personal trips. In addition, riders can have their business email address on their business profile, which sends receipts for just the business trips.

In addition, those with a business profile will be sent travel reports on a weekly or monthly basis, summarizing all the business trips taken during a period of time for easier invoicing with one's company. Riders can apply their own badges for the different profiles, as well, such as a briefcase badge for the work profile.

The idea is that business profiles will simplify things for riders, and the easier it is to use a service, the more inclined a customer is to continue using it. Likewise, the dedicated business travel reports will make things easier on businesses, which won't have to spend so much time sorting through receipts to verify the validity of trips.