Uber adds auto rickshaws in India, accepts cash for first time

New Delhi has received a lot of Uber attention in recent months, and not only over the rape allegations that surfaced in December. The ridesharing service has introduced some new safety measures in light of that incident in the region, and now it has announced another service for the region: auto rickshaws. The launch of this service will bring a new first for the platform, as well, in the form of cash payments, eschewing its app-based mobile payment system used with its other services.

The new service is called UberAuto, and it'll be offered in New Delhi where users will be able to hail an auto rickshaw without having to wave one down. In addition, payment for those rides can be made using cash, which Uber says is "based on the government approved metered fare".

The acceptance of cash payments is likely in order to cater to the most common customers' preferred payment method. Furthermore, only cash payments can be given — at least for now — in exchange for auto rickshaw rides. It isn't clear whether app-based payments will be possible in the future.

Auto rickshaws are considered an important element of transportation in Delhi, and it expands upon the other layers of the platform already in service in the region. In related news, Uber has recently requested a lawsuit filed against it by a new Delhi rider, who was reportedly raped by an Uber driver, be dismissed because it involves Indian citizens regarding an incident that happened in India.

SOURCE: Uber Blog