U2 May Play At Apple Event Tomorrow, Have Device Tie-In

We still don't know what the structure outside of the Performing Arts Center in Cupertino is, but we are hearing some news late on Monday about who may be involved with it. Sources claim that U2 will be part of Apple's festivities tomorrow, and will reveal a very close tie-in with an Apple product and their new album.

Speaking anonymously to The New York Times, sources say the band will have a new album out toward the end of the year, and that an Apple product announced tomorrow will have a connection to that album. A pre-loaded album on the iPhone 6 was dismissed by sources as being too ho-hum. All that is known is that the device and album will share a special connection.

The release date of the album isn't yet known, nor is the timing of when we'll see new Apple products in stores. If the two share a symbiosis, they'd likely be released at the same time. It's believed the iPhone 6 will drop on September 19, but the iWatch (or iTime, or whatever Apple will call it) may be delayed until October or later. That suggests the album will share a relationship with Apple's wearable.

Apple and U2 share a similarly strong bond, with a special edition U2 iPod in 2004 serving as evidence the two are intertwined. Steve Jobs and U2 singer Bono were good friends, and Jimmy Iovine — co-founder of Beats and current Apple employee — handled the band for quite some time while he was at Universal Music Group.

How will U2 and Apple use a new device to re-introduce themselves to us? We should find out tomorrow, if these sources are correct. Did Apple build that structure for U2, or is it something else entirely? How will a device cleverly intertwine with music? If anyone can make technology and music relevant in a new way, it's Apple.

Source: The New York Times