U-Suit Premium protects your MacBook Air

A lot of people who own MacBooks tend to want to show them off. However, if you're finding you need to protect your precious MacBook Air from bumps and scratches, you might be interested in the U-Suit Case.

The U-Suit covers up your MacBook Air and keeps it protected. However, it looks remarkably like a Dell Inspiron, doesn't it? Kind of strange, don't you think? But hey, at least you can still see the Apple insignia poking through the clear part.

Make by Uniea, the U-Suit Premium is available in both red and black color options. It is resistant to scratches and can hold up against most impacts. You can get this case now for $69.95, which is quite expensive, but most computers are an investment, so this can just go toward securing it further for you.

[via Chip Chick]