Tyme Machines unveils Ironman sculpted flash drive

There are lots of strange USB flash drives out there that are made to look like other things. I have seen drives that look like food and some of the coolest are the drives that look like characters from Star Wars. Tyme Machines has a line of Star Wars USB drives that are sculpted into characters from the movies and the company has just unveiled a new flash drive that is made in the visage of Ironman.

The new Ironman flash drive is available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities with pricing for the 4GB version at $34.99. The flash drive reminds me of that creepy Burger King mascot with the giant head.

It looks a lot like the new Ironman commercials for Burger King to me. To plug the flash drive into your computer, you pop the head off the body and plug it in.