TYLT Energi Backpack charges 3 devices at a time, we go hands-on

The awesome backpack you see below is the Energi Backpack from the folks at TYLT. They're here at CES 2013 showing off a wide array of accessories for all sorts of users. From iPhone 5 cases, TYLT TUNZ Bluetooth speakers, fun multi-colored chargers and more. This new backpack available now is certainly made with those who carry multiple devices every day in mind. Read on for more details.

We've seen powered Backpacks before that pack internal batteries to charge our favorite smartphones, tablets, and more, but this is made to handle any and all situations. With nearly enough pockets to store your entire office, an awesome industrial design, and 3 USB cables to handle a wide array of devices you'll never be without juice.

TYLT's new Erergi Backpack rocks a 10,050 mAh battery that's built in, and will be able to charge your average smartphone almost each day of the week, depending on size. They've equipped this backpack with an array of compartments to store everything, and they've also got a place specifically for your tablet.

You can charge a single device, or up to three simultaneously. It sports three USB ports on the side and enough cables to access the nearly 10 different compartments. Every area of the backpack can be provided with juice to charge devices, but it comes with 3 cables already routed for your convenience. The TYLT Energi Backpack can be charged back up via micro-USB, as well as a full USB 2.0 port on the side for easy recharging on the go. It's currently available for $169.