Twitter's video app arrives on Android TV with live NFL content

Twitter has officially launched its new Twitter for Android TV app, giving Android TV users the ability to access video content streamed on the service. This content includes live NFL games, among other things, and marks yet another video app option for those using Google's television software. The app currently sits at version 1.0 and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store now.

The app went live in the Play Store yesterday; unfortunately, there aren't enough reviews yet to determine how well it works, though experiences among early downloaders seems to be mixed. Twitter has been increasingly embracing streaming video, and recently started offering live NFL content, among other things.

Of course, one of the best parts about Twitter is being able to see a steady stream of content from others, including those watching videos, and the app makes this possible. You can monitor Twitter commentary while watching a show, something that, at times, offers alternative views of some events (via attendees' photos and videos), as well as expert analysis and more.

Android TV users can also watch Periscope broadcasts and Vine videos using the app. Even better, you don't have to setup an account and log in to watch these videos, so there's very little hassle involved with getting started. Check out the timeline below for other recent Android TV news!

SOURCE: Variety