Twitter's latest transparency report: the struggle over national security requests

Twitter has published its latest transparency report, and in it we see the continual struggle tech companies face when it comes to the balancing act between government and users. The company has pushed for permission to publish more detailed information on national security requests, but still has not gained it.

Twitter has been fighting for the right to publish more detailed information about government requests, and on its blog yesterday, the company touched on the topic, elaborating upon things it has said in the recent past.

In the absence of publishing the specific number of national security requests it receives, it wants instead to publish smaller, more specific ranges. This, it says, will be more meaningful to its users. The different types of national security requests it receives is also something the company wants to reveal.

Says Twitter, it sent the DOJ a draft of its transparency report with "relevant information about national security requests", asking the Justice Department to send it back detailing what info can't be released. No response has been given, however, and so the company's hands remain tied.

You can read the latest Transparency Report here.

SOURCE: Twitter