Twitter's General Counsel to step down, look for work elsewhere

Twitter's General Counsel Alexander Macgillivray has announced that he will soon step down from his position in the company, handing the reigns over to his soon-to-be replacement Vijaya Gadde. He won't be completely leaving the company initially, instead taking up the position of adviser for things like public policy and corporate development while looking for employment elsewhere

In his time at the company, Macgillivray has worked in support of a variety of teams, among them being communications and trust, legal, public policy, and corporate development, all of whom he speaks of glowingly. As for his replacement, Ms. Gadde has worked as management for both corporate and international legal work for Twitter for quite a number of years.

Said Macgillivray: "I am proud to have worked with colleagues who defend and respect the user's voice; who push freedom of expression and transparency; and who innovate and lead. Together we've brought some incredible products and talent into Twitter. We've supported teams creating new businesses and pushing to reach every person on the planet. Twitter continues to employ some of the funniest, most generous, smart, passionate and humble people I've ever met. I was lucky to get to work with them, and you can too."

As for the reasons for his departure, Macgillivray doesn't go into much detail, but hints at possible reasons by saying that he is excited about pursuing his interests "from new and different perspectives," as well as having more time with family and friends sans distractions, "and just goofing off a bit. We should all do that more often."

As Bloomberg pointed out, such a change comes at a time when Twitter is potentially preparing for an IPO, something that will fall into Gadde's hands. The firm representing Twitter told Bloomberg in an interview that "she's got great skills because her position with us in the firm was pretty multifaceted in representing enterprises, particularly in the tech space." He goes on to say that she is one of few women to score position as a top lawyer at a major tech firm.

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