Twitter update brings photos to users' feeds

If you've been browsing around Twitter this evening and something seemed different, you're right — an update has rolled out that brings photos in all their glory to users' feeds. Now when scrolling, most images will show up in a large preview window, showing a large portion of what the image is and leaving the user to decide whether its worth clicking on for the entire thing.

The change is welcomed, allowing users to browse through their feed faster without pausing to click on every image link that could potentially be interesting. Advertisers likely also benefit from this, with image-based ads no longer requiring a click in order to be seen. Such would run in line with Twitter's recent advertiser-centric efforts to potentially boost revenues.

In other recent Twitter news, it was revealed that some back-end server migration the social network is doing has resulted in an issue with the integrated Twitter functionality on Windows Phone. The changes are causing certain pieces of data to be downloaded too often, which causes data usage rates to jump considerably. Microsoft is looking into the matter, but until Twitter finishes its work, there's little that can be done.

In addition, the company recently revealed some expanded revenue sources in place ahead of its November 15 IPO. Among these include lead generation, TV targeting, and traffic conversion. There was also some recent details on tax-related issues, with Twitter using Irish operations to help save money on paying higher amounts of taxes in the United States.

SOURCE: Venture Beat