Twitter Trends rolled out in more than 160 new locations

Twitter, which publicly revealed its acquisition of We Are Hunted music service earlier this evening and is rumored to be working on a music app, has expanded its Trends locations to more than 160 additional cities, offering it in locations that have never before had access and expanding it in countries that have already seen it.

Several counties that have never had Trends before, including Greece, Belgium, Norway, Kenya, Poland, Ukraine, and Portugal, have been added. In addition, more cities in countries that have already been added to the Trends list are included in the expansion, increasing overall coverage. For those just getting acquainted with the feature, Twitter offers a support article on it.

Trends is a feature that allows users to see what other users are conversing about on Twitter, such as a political debate, celebrities, news story, natural event, viral video, and more. These trending items are available for the user's city and country, as well as globally trending topics. Users can pull up the new cities via the Trends sidebar under "Change."

The announcement was made on Twitter's blog by Royce Cheng-Yue, one of the company's software engineers. This follows a Trends expansion that was rolled out back on December 5, 2012, which brought the feature to a little more than 100 cities, such as Istanul and Guadalajara. Not stopping there or with this update, however, the microblogging site will be making further expansions in the coming months.

[via Twitter]