Twitter Ticketed Spaces will have users paying to attend

It was really only a matter of time before the Clubhouse-alike services and features started trying to monetize the audio-only social media hype. While Clubhouse itself seems to still be experimenting with payment systems, Twitter is pushing forward with what will be known as Ticketed Spaces, turning the nascent Twitter feature into something like a concert or VIP meet and greet where users will need to pay tickets to get in. As enticing as that may sound for hosts, the cut they receive might not be so encouraging.

According to Twitter, it will only take 20% of ticket sales for its self, leaving the rest for hosts. That, however, only applies after Apple or Google has already taken their own cuts. That means 30% off the total and then 80% off what remains will go to the user. For a $10 ticket, that means only $5.6 will actually go to the host.

The payment system will be handled by Stripe and Twitter told The Verge that it will be footing the bill for Stripe's transaction fees. Those who will be hosting such events, however, will need to have Stripe accounts as well. During the testing period, only users in the US will be able to host such paid events but anyone from around the world will be able to pay for tickets and join in.

This is just the latest in what seems to be Twitter's rapid iteration of features for Spaces, which only launched a few weeks ago. It already added the ability to schedule events and is looking into adding co-hosted Spaces as well. This, in turn, is just the latest in Twitter's attempts to monetize the network beyond the usual ads.

Part of those plans includes Super Follows, something like Patreon or OnlyFans where subscribers can pay for exclusive content. Perhaps most interesting, however, will be Twitter Blue which, among other things, might let people undo tweets. It's not the tweet editing feature users have been clamoring for for years but it seems that Twitter will want to make users pay for that feature in the end.