Twitter Ticketed Spaces is now rolling out to some iOS users

After remaining almost stagnant for a few years, Twitter has picked up its pace and started implementing big changes to its social platform, perhaps spurred by the increased competition. Some of those experiments have flopped, like the short-lived Stories-like Fleets. Twitter, however, is still banking on its new audio-only features to become profitable. Of course, that will only happen if there's actual money involved, and that's exactly what Ticketed Spaces is meant to accomplish now that it's available to more users.

Spaces itself was "inspired" by the Clubhouse hype last year that created a new breed of audio-centric platforms and channels. Many Clubhouse rivals have been quick to go beyond what the original was capable of, including monetizing the platform. Twitter opened its Ticketed Spaces last June to prospective applicants, and it is now slowly opening the gates even further.

With Ticketed Spaces, hosts can sell tickets to make their events exclusive to select followers. Eligibility for hosts to charge for tickets remains the same, including having over 1,000 followers and hosting at least 3 Spaces in the last 30 days. The feature is currently available only on iOS, which dictates just how much those hosts will be able to make.

Twitter will take its commission after the usual 30% cut that Apple takes for in-app purchases. The social network will only take 3% of that remaining 70% but will raise the "tax" to 20% if the creator earns more than $50,000 in total earnings from Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows.

Twitter didn't give more specific timelines for Ticketed Spaces' wider availability, including on Android. This new feature does take it one step closer to its goal of finally monetizing the network, but it remains to be seen whether it will be a profitable effort in the long run.