Twitter Super Follows subscriptions launch, but only for some users

Twitter has announced a limited launch of its Super Follows feature, a new subscription-based opportunity that allows its users to share content only with paying followers. The new feature is limited to a small number of accounts at this time, but Twitter will make it available to additional users in the future.

Twitter has been talking about its monetization plans for a while now, though the introduction and rollout of such capabilities will take place slowly. The feature is officially called Super Follow, and it revolves around a subscription-based system not unlike Patreon and similar platforms.

Super Follow enables creators to monetize their Twitter accounts and the content they share, while followers can use the opportunity to financially support their favorite creators and get access to special content. For example, someone who created a podcast can use Super Follows to share extra audio content and behind-the-scenes looks at their work with paying followers.

Twitter suggests the Super Follows feature can be used by a variety of creators and users to fund their projects, including writers, activists, comedians, experts, musicians, and more. Three subscription rate options are available: $2.99, $4.99, and $9.99. People who subscribe to a Twitter creator will get a special 'Super Follower' badge next to their name.

Because the feature is new, Twitter says it is limiting its availability to only a small number of people located in the US. The company has a waitlist that interested users can sign up for, putting them in line to potentially get access to Super Follow in the future. The full list of FAQ, including how to sign up to Supper Follow someone, can be found on Twitter's website.