Twitter revamps 'quote tweet' function for iPhone and web

Twitter revealed today that it's revamping its look with new way to quote tweets. Now, instead of quoting tweets via a link or direct text, whenever you quote a tweet it will embed the actual tweet inside yours. Twitter might be hoping this adds to its ability as a spreader of viral content. Instead of a plain link, the embedded picture makes it easy to see what the fuss is about, and a new quote tweet button will make it even easier to share amusing content with your followers.

It's also a kind of sneaky way around the original 140-character limit because the new "quote tweet" feature allows you to add 119 characters in your comment to any quoted tweet. This is a great improvement, as before, Twitter users were left with very few characters to comment on quoted tweets. Any comment on the older style of a quoted tweet was more like a caption than a message. Twitter hopes to foster more communication with their new functionality.

As of now, the new features are only available on the Internet and iPhone official versions of twitter. So, if you are using the web or an iPhone combined with a third-party app, like Tweet Deck, then you won't have access to the new way to quote a tweet. If you're tweeting using your iPad, Android device, or Mac you won't be able to embed quoted tweets; so, the function only adds 116 character comments to a link to the quoted tweet.

Twitter says its new tweet button and features will be available on Android "soon," but I guess we'll have to wait and see how long that takes. Until then, Android users will have to make do with the old style of quoting tweets.