Twitter reportedly testing new "Like" and "Star" buttons

Get some time in with the Twitter's Favorite button now, because it may not long before it goes the way of the dinosaurs. According to The Next Web, Twitter is currently testing two new buttons – "Like" and "Star" – with a small group of users. It appears that these new buttons might be planned as a replacement for the Favorite button, which has been around since 2008.

Twitter has yet to make an official announcement on these new buttons, which makes it hard to tell if this is just as simple a test or a slow roll out. It seems that Like and Star are two different words for the same action, so perhaps Twitter is testing both to see which one users prefer most? In any case, they appear to do essentially the same thing as the Favorite button, adding tweets you like to a list that you can look back at later.

The Next Web tried to get in touch with Twitter, but naturally the social network had nothing to say about the Like and Star buttons being spotted in the wild. If Twitter does decide to implement new Like or Star buttons in place of the Favorite button, you can bet there will be some blow back from users, as the Favorite button has become an integral part of the site for many users since its introduction.

It's still difficult to say what the plan is for these new buttons, though. Perhaps they'll be implemented alongside the Favorite button instead of in place of it? At this point, your guess is as good as ours, so we'll just have to sit back and wait for Twitter to make a statement on the issue. Are you seeing Like or Star buttons popping up on your Twitter page?