Twitter now lets you report multiple abusive tweets at once

Twitter is an interesting platform. With a 140 character limit, conversations are comprised of either short, pointed messages, or an entire storm of tweets. And if these are abusive tweets, such an amount of them can make it hard to report to Twitter. At least until now.

Over the last year, Twitter has been trying to clean up and crack down on inappropriate and abusive messages. Late last year the company updated their rules regarding abuse and hateful conduct, which was helpful to users who were receiving harassing messages. Unfortunately when reporting tweets that are a part of a larger group of messages, they might not show a complete picture of the harassment that's happening.

This is why Twitter has expanded their ability to report tweets. Rather than filling out a new report for each tweet that you report, you can now attach multiple tweets to the same report. Users can now attach up to a total of five tweets per report.

While five tweets might not be enough to show them everything that's been happening, it will definitely help to paint a more broad picture of the abusive or harassing nature of the messages being directed toward you. So far Twitter's safety page hasn't reflected the changes, but you can read about them on their latest blog post.

Source: Twitter