Twitter now lets all of its users follow specific topics

In mid-August, some Twitter users noticed that they were able to follow curated topics using the company's mobile app. The new feature was part of a test that helped users fill their feeds with the content they're interested in, though most users didn't have access to it. That has finally changed with a new announcement from the company: all Twitter users can now follow topics.

Until now, users had a couple of options for getting tweets on the topics they liked: they could follow accounts that specialized in aggregating that kind of content, they could keep tabs on hashtags that were related, or they could manually follow a bunch of accounts related to it. Things just got easier.

Twitter now offers Topics, which are specific topics that can be directly followed by users. Someone who follows the sports topic, for example, will see top tweets from many accounts related to sports...even if they don't follow the accounts. This is far more convenient than monitoring hashtags, which depends on the user knowing about the tags to start with.

Twitter explains all of this a video it recently published on the announcement. The topics are presented in cards, as shown in the video, which presents the topic and asks the user whether they would like to follow it in order to see more tweets about it.

As with accounts, users can choose to unfollow the topics whenever they'd like. Twitter promises that users will see 'the right amount' of tweets related to the topics, which will hopefully help avoid being bombarded with too many tweets. The feature is available now.