Twitter makes it easier to control who can reply to published tweets

If you're getting unwanted replies to an already-published tweet, you now have the opportunity to restrict who can join the conversation. Though Twitter has offered the option to limit who is allowed to reply to tweets for around a year, a new update to the feature allows users to apply the same restrictions to tweets after they've been published.

In August 2020, Twitter introduced the ability to restrict who can reply to tweets. To do this, the user must tap the globe icon next to "Everyone can reply" and then manually adjust who is allowed to respond to the tweet. The only problem was that users had to make this decision before publishing their tweet.

That's a problem because once the tweet is published, it would be possible for someone to start replying whose unwanted replies weren't anticipated ahead of time. The feature update changes this by allowing users to adjust who is allowed to reply after publishing a tweet. The feature is in addition to the option to mute the conversation.

The feature is rolling out to all Twitter users across the world and will be accessible through desktop, iOS, and Android. The new feature is found by tapping the triple-dot menu button found at the top right corner of a published tweet. The "Change who can reply" option is the first item in the menu that opens.

The new option arrives only days after Twitter showed off various concepts related to users' privacy, security, and control over conversations. A number of ideas — none of which are actual features at this time — have been revealed, including things that would allow users to control whether they show up in search, make it easier to tweet from alt accounts, and more.