Twitter for iPhone 4.3 update changelog leaked

There are a wealth of Twitter apps to choose from on iOS, but the official client looks to be receiving a big update that should bolster its functionality and bring it up to speed with third-party offerings. 9to5Mac discovered the changelog for Twitter 4.3 through the redesigned App Store for iOS 6, and managed to take some screenshots of all the changes in the process. Those include previews, improved push notifications, and performance improvements.

First, previews for image and photos will be shown within tweets from selected "partner websites" as you scroll through your updates, similar to Tweetbot. Push notifications have also been improved, with the option of receiving them when specific people tweet. In addition, there are new "unobtrusive" notifications when you're still using the app, again mimicking Tweetbot functionality.

Twitter will also be tweaking discovery and Connect functionality. The Discover tab will alert users to new content, while Connect will add new autocomplete features. Tweets based around selected events will be highlighted, with Twitter determining which tweets and images will make the grade. There are also some smaller tweaks, such as being able to tap a user's avatar to go to their profile, and the icon for the app has been updated to reflect the new Twitter logo.

There's no word on when the update will hit the App Store, but a similar leak involving Instagram saw a ten day gap between the release notes sighting and update launch. Keep an eye out for it in the meantime, and see the full unedited changelog from the App Store below.