Twitter for Android gets automatic Night Mode UI

It's a safe bet that nearly everyone with a smartphone has used it while laying in bed at least a few times. And there's at least one app that you open up that's always way too bright. Despite having your brightness turned all the way down, the white background can be painful to look at. This is why some apps have a special "night mode" which gives you a dark background with light text, as opposed to the other way around.

Twitter is one of the programs that doesn't have a built-in night mode. If you open it, you're going to have that bright white background. Thankfully, the company is working on fixing that. What's more, you won't need to do anything to change the app from day to night.

According to a small number of alpha testers, the latest version of the Twitter app being tested has a new Night Mode UI. As you'd expect, it essentially inverts the background and text, giving you a screen that's much easier on the eyes. The change happens according to the time of day, switching over to the Night Mode when it's appropriate, and then back to normal in the morning.

The only bad news is that they are only currently testing this feature on Android. It's likely that they're simply using one platform to test out features, and will simply work on implementing them on both, based on feedback.

VIA: Gadgets360