Twitter finally improves its terrible video quality

It's no secret that Twitter has less than great video quality, but that's finally starting to change. The company has announced a new adjustment to its video tech that reduces how pixelated videos look, improving the experience for people who use the platform to catch the latest movie trailers, video game teasers, and more.

Though some videos looked decent enough on Twitter, others suffered particularly harsh pixelation depending on the nature of the content. This made Twitter a less than desirable platform for sharing videos of projects, trailers, and more. In a new tweet, the company's Twitter Support account said some changes have been made.

"Starting today, videos you upload to Twitter will appear less pixelated for a better watching experience," the company said. Though it didn't elaborate on these changes in its post, Twitter told The Verge that its video pre-processing system no longer splits videos into smaller pieces while uploading.

Though Twitter shared a video with its announcement, it doesn't actually compare the changes in quality, the extent of which remains unclear. Users have been sharing video clips since the announcement and they do appear sharper than before, though you'll still get better video quality from platforms like YouTube.

The change went live on September 24, according to Twitter, though it didn't support Twitter Media Studio at the time, the company told The Verge. Ultimately, this is a small but welcome change for users who often consume media through Twitter, as well as creators who use the platform to showcase their work.