Twitter "Fave People" test offers selective timeline

Sorting through the glut of Twitter updates can be time consuming, particularly for those following hundreds or thousands of people, a problem one presently has to tackle with the use of lists. Building upon that foundation comes a new feature in testing called Fave People, which creates a separate timeline for favorited people.

The feature is only available in the alpha Android Twitter app, where it is being tested and will, presumably, be tweaked before moving down the line to the regular app. As it currently stands, users swipe a menu that includes Fave People amidst Discover, Activity, and such.

People on Twitter can be favorited much in the same way Facebook allowed friends to be favorited a couple years ago — by starring them via their profile, which will cause their updates to appear in the separate timeline, along with a notification about new updates if desired.

Whether the new section will roll out to all users at some point isn't guaranteed, but if it does, it appears it'll be more or less a simplified version of its already available but often under-utilized Lists offering. What do you think? Would you like to see this option available, or would it be of little use to you?

SOURCE: TechCruch