Twitter Explore dumps trends, moments, search in one place

With the thousands of pieces of information now available to us via the Internet, sifting through the noise to find the things we want has become almost an epic quest. Sure, there's such a thing called "search", but even that returns hundreds of results. There's still something to be said about organizing information in a more relevant manner, which is what Twitter has done with its new Explore tab, which offers a one stop shop to discover tweets that may be of interest to you.

If you suddenly see your Twitter app "cleaner", that's thanks to the new Explore tab. Don't fret if you suddenly don't see tabs or sections for trending, Moments, or even search (even if Explore uses the Search icon). That's because all three are now found in that single Explore tab.

OK, so it's more a matter of rearranging things than just clearing up the clutter. And some might argue that dumping all three in one tab only increases the amount of visual clutter you have to look at in one go. If, however, you look at it in a logical organization manner, it does make sense.

Twitter says that its slight UI reorg is now rolling out to iOS users. As always, Android users need to wait for a few weeks for it to come to then.

SOURCE: Twitter