Twitter explains how you'll get verified in 2021

Years after removing the option, Twitter announced in November that it will bring back its public verification system next year. The company provided a draft of its new policy related to verification, doing so in an effort to get feedback. In light of the response, Twitter is now back with details on how to get verified — or keep your verification if you already have it.READ: Twitter verification is getting a 2021 reboot – This is what's new

Verification on Twitter had proven controversial, in some cases resulting in bickering between celebrities and the general public. Though Twitter has continued to verify some users internally based on its own criteria, it hasn't offered the public option of applying for verification in a few years.

That will change starting early next year, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to get your account verified. The company has published its new verification policy, explaining that initially, at least, it will have select titles like 'News and Journalists,' 'Sports and esports,' and similar. A future update may add additional categories like scientists and academics.

Generally speaking, Twitter says that your account must be 'notable' if you hope to get the blue checkmark. This can include things like accounts belonging to government offices and officials, corporations and brands, organizations, journalists, news organizations, accounts associated with 'major entertainment companies,' professional sports players and leagues, and similar.

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements for whatever category your account may fall under, you also need a 'complete' profile, which means you must have, at minimum, a profile image, display name, and a verified email address or phone number. Currently verified accounts that do not meet these requirements may lose their verification next month.

The enforcement of the new policy will kick off on January 20, 2021, with inactive accounts also at risk of losing their verification. Assuming you want to get your own blue checkmark, you'll need to head into Account Settings and access the application system. Supporting materials, confirmation of identity, and similar will be required.