Twitter exceeded its diversity hiring goals in 2016

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 19, 2017, 5:53pm CST
Twitter exceeded its diversity hiring goals in 2016

Twitter has previously stated goal related to improving company diversity, and its latest report about the matter indicates it made great strides toward that goal last year, including exceeding its workforce hiring goals in many categories. Though the company didn’t hire as many women into technical roles as it had hoped to, it did increase the overall number of women and underrepresented minorities it employed in 2016, among (many) other things.

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As far as workforce numbers go, last year saw the number of women in leadership and non-technical roles at Twitter increase 8-percent and 3-percent compared to its 2015 report.

While the number of women in technical roles also increased, it only did so by 2-percent versus the 3-percent Twitter was aiming for. Overall, the number of women in the workforce increased 3-percent compared to 2015, exceeding the company’s goal by 2-percent.

Underrepresented minorities at Twitter, meanwhile, saw an increase in the technical category by 2-percent, reaching the company’s goal but not exceeding it. The leadership category, meanwhile, jumped from 0% in 2015 to 6-percent last year. The non-technical numbers remained the same, and the overall increase across all categories last year worked out to one-percent.

At the same time, Twitter has detailed a bunch of work it has done beyond the realm of more diverse hiring, including partnering with Paradigm, piloting programs with a focus on underrepresented minorities and women, supporting groups like Tech Women and AfroTech, and more.

SOURCE: Twitter

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