Twitter debuts new search tools for web users

Following a test period in mid-April, Twitter has rolled out its new search results interface to all users logged in on the website. The new layout doesn't change what your results would be, but presents them in a new, clean manner that emphasizes pictures and video, and offers in-depth filtering options. This revamp of the search function marks Twitter's largest update to its web app in several months now. The new layout makes it easy to sort results by top tweets, "live" tweets, accounts, media, and news.

At the top of the page, just below the main menu bar, you'll find your search term presented in a bright, solid colored bar. Under that, you'll find taps for the quick filter options previously mentioned. Top tweets will show posts from well-known accounts or those that have been heavily retweeted/favorited. Live tweets displays the current conversation going on among all users tweeting about your search topic. Photos and videos will only show tweets with media attached, while accounts will find people related to your query.

The right-most tab, titled "More options," is a drop-down menu where you can access advanced search options, as well as save and embed your current search. Advanced search offers just about all the filtering criteria you'd ever need: filter tweets by the location of the tweeter, or only display tweets from the accounts you follow; choose to narrow down results to a specific date range; and even specify if you want to see tweets that are positive, negative, or asking a question.

There's no doubt that this refresh is aimed at making Twitter easier for new users. But even for Twitter veterans, just the filtering tabs at the top of search results are an improvement over what it was before: a simple choice between "all" tweets or "top" tweets.

VIA TechCrunch

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