Twitter celebrates 7th birthday with over 200 million users

Craig Lloyd - Mar 21, 2013
Twitter celebrates 7th birthday with over 200 million users

Twitter is celebrating its 7th birthday today. After officially launching on March 21, 2006, Twitter has gained over 200 million users and averages around 400 million tweets per day. Since the first-ever tweet was sent out by co-founder Jack Dorsey, the micro-blogging social media platform has come a long way in seven years.

Twitter has seen many milestones in just seven years, including the first tweet from space from astronaut Mike Massimino, as well as ISS commander Chris Hadfield, who is currently tweeting away as we speak. No matter who you follow on Twitter, the platform has become a central place for all kinds of information.

The video above shows us a quick timeline of the history of Twitter, as well as recapping some of the big events that happened over the last few years, including the London Olympics, President Obama’s re-election, the US Airways flight that made an emergency landing in the Hudson River in NYC, and even the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Karen Wickre, Editorial Director at Twitter, said in a blog post that Twitter “has become a true global town square — a public place to hear the latest news, exchange ideas and connect with people all in real time.” It’s been used in critical situations to gather information, and even just a place for users to vent their latest frustrations. Either way, we wish Twitter a happy birthday and another seven great years ahead.

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