Twitter adds 11 accounts per second!

Social networking and microblogging on twitter are constantly growing it seems. A new stat has surfaced about twitter that is a little mind-boggling if you stop and think about it. TheNextWeb reports that Twopcharts has offered up a handy dandy chart showing Twitter is gaining 11 accounts every second. Twopcharts is a third party twitter app that looks at metrics and such.

The app shows that as of now there are 465 million accounts, a 65% increase since May when the figure was 300 million. With the gain of accounts at 11 per second, it looks like the 500 millionth accounts may come online in February. That is a significant milestone. While twitter may be nearing the 500 million mark for accounts, most of those are not active users.

Twitter has said that it has about 100 active user accounts. The site is also racking up 400 million unique visitors each month. Some of that new use is attributed to the integration of twitter into iOS 5. I wonder how many of the 100 million active accounts are spammers.

[via TheNextWeb]