Twitch Rooms chatrooms for channels go live worldwide

Twitch has announced the worldwide launch of its Rooms feature on mobile and soon for the web. The feature was first introduced back at TwitchCon in 2017, where the company explained that Rooms is an always-on chat space for channels. The custom space is available on the channel page, Twitch explains, and it'll be launching on desktop soon.

Twitch Rooms is officially available to users all over the world now, giving them access to chatrooms for channels. These can be set up for specific topics or specific users, such as chatrooms for just moderators. The streamer sets up these custom chat spaces for their viewers.

The chats can be public or locked so that only invited people can access them. These chatrooms are always open, though, so users can access and use them even if the channel's streamer isn't online at the moment. Users get notifications on web and mobile when someone @-mentions them.

The video above provides a demonstration of creating and using these chatrooms; it is pretty straightforward, involving setting up a name, choosing whether it is private or public, and similar. Users can quickly access the various Rooms from the channel's Stream Chat menu.

As with the stream chat, users' emotes and badges are available in the Rooms chat spaces. Streamers can choose to make the chatrooms available to everyone or only people who subscribe to the channel. Rooms is available now, but a timeframe for the desktop launch wasn't provided.

SOURCE: Twitch Blog