Twitch is the latest company to deplatform Trump over Capitol riot

A video released by President Trump during yesterday's riot at the US Capitol spurred ample backlash and triggered a cascading series of restrictions on POTUS social media accounts. Facebook and YouTube were among the first to pull the video from their platforms; Twitter locked Trump's account for 12 hours. Bigger changes happened in the hours since, and now Twitch is counted among the companies deplatforming the president.

Twitch, a video streaming website popular with game streamers, has disabled President Trump's account over the 'extraordinary circumstances' and his 'incendiary rhetoric,' the company said in a statement to Polygon. The goal was to prevent the president from using Twitch to 'incite further violence.'

The decision follows Wednesday's events at the US Capitol when thousands of rioters stormed the US Capitol building, entering offices, stealing items, breaking windows, and issuing threats. The attack included the presence of nooses outside of the Capitol and Confederate flags within the building, among other things.

Twitch isn't the only social media platform to takes steps against the president following the insurrection and his statement further claiming election fraud. Facebook took another step in recent hours with company CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing an indefinite ban on the president's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The accounts will remain banned until at least January 20, marking the end of Trump's presidential term, but it's unclear when the company may reinstate them. The company previously removed Trump's video and removed his statements. Twitter, similarly, had removed the video and locked Trump's account until three tweets in particular were deleted. At this time, the account remains locked but publicly visible.