Twitch and Harmonix team to launch Twitch Sings karaoke game

During its TwitchCon 2018 keynote today, Twitch announced that it has teamed up with Harmonix to create a new karaoke game called Twitch Sings. The new game is currently being tested at TwitchCon on the expo floor, and will also be made available to some users as a beta. The game is made to be streamed and works to bring users together.

Karaoke, of course, is something that takes place live and involves an audience. Twitch is leveraging its platform to bring that experience to an online audience, enabling streamers to perform karaoke on livestreams in ways that include audience requests and duets with viewers.

"We're just starting to scratch the surface of what's possible when everyone wants to play together," the company said today, also stating, "We knew karaoke would be the perfect place to start." The new game is being made in partnership with Harmonix, the developer behind hit music game Rock Band.

Streamers will be able to sing to their viewer audience, participate in duets, and take song requests. Viewers will be able to make song requests in chat, suggest challenges for them, and offer cheers that cause Bits to "rain down on the crowd," according to Twitch. Only a "handful" of streamers will get access to the closed beta, but anyone can request access here.

SOURCE: Twitch Blog