Twilio Client Adds VoIP To Any Website Or App

I am sure there are bunches of websites or apps that you use that could benefit from the ability to place VoIP calls using the contacts you have. It would be cool for instance if you could have an icon beside the people on your favorite forum where you could press and call them to talk. VoIP can now be added easily without the devs having to build a VoIP infrastructure.

The Twilio Client is now available for online use, the devs can drop the code for the client into the websites, and then users can place VoIP calls easily. The functionality of Twilio is said to mimic that of Skype Voice's basic functions. There are also two mobile clients launching.

The mobile clients will cover Android and the iPhone. Using them mobile devs can wrap VoIP into their games too. Words with Friends could get chat capability for instance. The only downside is that using Twilio isn't free. It costs 1/4 of a cent for each VoIP to VoIP call. Calls from VoIP to landlines or mobiles are two cents per minute.

[via Android Community]