TweetDeck redesigned with new theme, adjustable fonts

For some Twitter users, the social network's own app offerings just don't cut it, which is why a lot of people are into TweetDeck, which is one of the more popular Twitter clients, and it's available across most platforms. Today, the client received a redesign that gives it a new theme, improved fonts, and some other welcomed improvements.

The update is mostly subtle, but the update brings enhanced and adjustable fonts, as well as a brand new "lighter theme" that features dark text against a light background, instead of the dark background and lighter text that the client used in the past. It's definitely a huge change, though, for those that enjoy a lighter look to their apps. If you're a fan of the darker background, you can still select that one if you'd like.

As far as the new font improvements, you can change the size of the font in the settings pane. You can select Small (13 pt.), Medium (14 pt.) or Large (15 pt.) font sizes. It certainly doesn't provide a lot of size adjustment, but it's nice that users can make the text slightly larger or smaller if need be.

The update is available now for Windows and Mac users, as well as Chrome users. Windows users will need to restart the app in order to implement the changes, while Chrome users will need to restart Chrome itself. The updated Mac app is available for download in the App Store as well.