TweetDeck "Next Generation" App Coming Soon

TweetDeck, which is now officially a part of Twitter thanks to an acquisition deal last year, has remained relatively dormant for the past several months. But a major overhaul is in the works, according to a recent job posting that hints at a brand new version of the company's Android app. And it's not just looking for one person; it's ready to bring on multiple people to help make this happen.

Twitter rolled out a major interface overhaul last year, making the site more user-friendly for casual Twitterers but burying some of the more advanced features in the process. The end result was an influx of new accounts but frustration among users that have helped grow Twitter to what it is today. Many have just come to grin and bear it, but hope that Twitter will help encourage its "power users" to continue to be hyper-connected.

It seems the next generation of the TweetDeck app will help ease those troubles and concerns. In the job listing, the TweetDeck team says it's "looking for new team members to work on our cutting edge Android app" and adds, "We're building the next generation of a suite of clients that millions of people love and use everyday." Reportedly, similar jobs were available for the iPhone version, but those slots have already been filled.

[via TechCrunch]