Tweetbot for Mac image surfaces on twitter

If you're a big fan of the iOS app for Twitter called Tweetbot, you will be glad to hear this. A photograph has surfaced on twitter (naturally) that shows a Mac OS version of the app running. The screenshot was posted by a user talking about the high-resolution retina graphics on the new MacBook Pro.

The image posted in the tweet about the resolution for the new MacBook just happened to have the Tweetbot client running in the background. The image came from Tapbot's Mark Jardine. Tapbot is the developer of the Tweetbot app.

Tapbot later confirmed that Tweetbot was, in fact, coming to the Mac platform. At this point, there is no clear indication of exactly when the Mac version of the App will land or any specific information on features of the Mac application. However, at this point you can probably count on it at least having the same features as the iOS version of the app.

[via The Verge]