Tweebay combines classifieds with Twitter

Yesterday Paul Rawlings launched the UK developed Tweebay. I know we are all scratching our heads and thinking this sounds very familiar. Well your guess could not have been very far off from the reality of it all. Tweebay is a classified listing that you can post with your Twitter account.

Why do you suppose such a service was launched on Christmas day? We all get Christmas presents we either do not like or have absolutely no use for, this would be an ideal time to kick off such a service with the huge influx of unwanted gifts. You don't even have to enter your Twitter password, just follow Tweebay on Twitter and you can confirm bids via a direct message.

When you post something for sale you can automatically notify all your followers. Needless to say this is still a bit sketchy as it is not as secure and fool proof as say EBay. As of now there is no way to actually pay for items over Tweebay, but expect them in the future. For now users will have to go the old Craigslist route and arrange payment the mature adult way. Tweebay reportedly only took a day to develop with Twitter's APIs.