TV-Fridges: Latest Home Appliance Trend?

I frequent the refrigerator several times a day and I find that I'm really only there for a quick moment, just long enough to get what I need and I'm on my way. Apparently the rest of the world has a craving watch television while "fridging?" fridging – v. To stand near a refrigerator and long for something to do.

This latest product from LG, a TV-fridge "convergence appliance" comes complete with a 15-inch LCD including HDTV capabilities. For $4,000 though, one would expect at least DVD playback capabilities.

One potential flaw in the design is the TV is right next to the ice dispenser; not only is this a poor height for anyone over 4 feet in height, but should you ever be watching a channel about an ice dispenser someone could mistakenly put a glass through the screen.

The latest convergence trend: fridge TVs [via cnet]