Tumblr updates Android app with tablet support

The popular blogging service, Tumblr, has issued an update for its Android app, and this time it comes with support for Android tablets along with a blown-up user interface to take advantage of the larger screen. There are now new layout elements, including a mosaic-style tags page and a few other changes to make the app more friendly on larger devices.

In addition to accommodating larger screens and the new tags page, there's an alphabetical "following" list that shows users a list of the people they're following. Overall, it's not a total revamp by any means, and tablet users will be familiar with the layout from the smartphone version. The update requires Android 2.2 Froyo or higher.

Unfortunately, Tumblr has yet to release an iPad app of the blogging platform. The company hasn't mentioned why they're waiting on releasing an iPad version — perhaps they're working on it now — but it's bound to come at some point as the popularity of mobile blogging becomes greater and greater as time goes on.

Tumblr boasts nearly 170 million visitors per month, as of late November. Of course, that number is only expected to rise at this point, but the company has seen a fair bit of trouble over the past few weeks. They were hacked at the beginning of the month, and most recently the service was taken offline due to a network bug.

Tumblr for Android is a free download and the update is available now in the Google Play store.