TS3Cine high-resolution digital camera coming this summer

There are so many digital cameras on the market that you can find one to suit any need or want. Some of the cameras are dirt cheap, and others can cost more than a very nice new car. The high-end offerings have more resolution and are often aimed at professionals who need to scale high-resolution images all the way up to gigantic billboard size. A new digital camera from Boston Rule Camera has surfaced that will be landing this summer.

The camera is called the TS3Cine, and it reminds me a lot of something that RED would make. It looks like a cross between a still camera and a camcorder with a bulbous grip on one side and a lens that sticks out quite a bit. The case of the camera is a matte black with a waffle design that reminds me of a speaker grill made from machined aluminum. The full specs of the camera are all kinds of impressive and should hint that the price tag is expensive.

It has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and can shoot 720p HD video. It can shoot 500fps at 1280 x 1024 resolution and drop that back to 720p resolution and the camera can record a whopping 720 fps. Talk about super slow motion playback, you can get all the action with this camera. The electronic shutter can activate from 2ms to 1 second, and it has 8GB of memory onboard and a SDHC cards lot too. The camera can be purchased or rented. The purchase price, hold on tight, is $29,900 with turbo mode adding another $5,000 and the 256GB SSD option adding $2,000. You can rent the camera for $625 per day.