Trump administration freezes EPA contracts and grants

Sources say the Trump administration has put a freeze on contracts and grants by the EPA, a controversial action that some say is not unprecedented. One source goes on to state the freeze is thought to effect the Environmental Protection Agency across the nation — the duration for which it is in place is unclear at this time — and is aimed at preventing the agency from engaging in any activities the administration doesn't want the EPA involved in.

Details about the contracts and grants freeze surfaced at ProPublica recently, which says it received word about the matter from some EPA employees. One contracted EPA officer reportedly said in an email that the agency is "in a holding pattern," at the moment, with the new administration asking "that all contract and grant awards be temporarily suspended, effective immediately."

The publication goes on to state that it received confirmation of the freeze from a veteran EPA worker who has spent more than 20 years with the agency. Whether this freeze affects existing grants and contracts or only new ones is unknown at this time. EPA hasn't yet issued any sort of comment on reports related to the matter.

The move stokes worry among critics and those skeptical of Trump's plans for the environment. Recent decisions made by the Trump administration highlight a focus on fossil fuels, and raise questions about whether Trump's actions will greatly set back progress made thus far in combating climate change and the transition to clean energy.

SOURCE: ProPublica