TruckHouse turns the Toyota Tacoma into a slick RV

TruckHouse has unveiled a very cool Toyota Tacoma-based RV designed as an expedition vehicle to go just about anywhere. TruckHouse is based in Nevada, and since the Tacoma is a mid-size pickup, the result is a compact RV known as the BCT. The BCT uses a carbon fiber-reinforced camper rig that replaces the bed of the pickup creating a place to live.

It's challenging to build a camper or RV based on the Tacoma because of the pickup's limited payload capacity. For many Tacoma owners, a tent on a rack in the bed is as good as the accommodations get. TruckHouse overcomes some of the limitations using very lightweight construction techniques borrowed from aerospace and marine industries.

The living quarters is chassis mounted and made from a carbon fiber-reinforced composite monocoque. We have multiple images of the vehicle's exterior along with a floor plan, but no actual pictures of the interior. Currently, TruckHouse is still working on the prototype and hasn't offered a final weight.

What it has said is that the camper shell the BCT uses weighs 500 pounds. The floor plan shows the camper would have a queen-size bed in the portion that sticks out over the pickup cab. The floorplan also shows a convertible dinette the can be used for additional sleeping accommodations, a wet bathroom, kitchen, and a fridge/freezer drawer.

The camper also has plenty of windows, including a 360-degree window with a wide rear picture window, a pair of windows in the front wall above the cab alcove, and an overhead skylight. The convertible dinette turns into a double bed, making the camper capable of sleeping four. While the BCT in the images is based on the Tacoma TRD Pro, buyers will be able to build the RV on any Tacoma trim.