Trouble with Xbox Live today? You're not alone

Trying to get some gaming in to start your weekend? Yeah, about that: Xbox Live is down, or at least limited. We don't have a reason for the outage/slowdown, but it's widespread and affects every part of Xbox Live right now. If you're experiencing problems purchasing content, or accessing social/gaming content via cloud storage, just know you're not alone. We don't yet know what the issue is, but it's affecting just about everything gaming. Media like TV or music are listed as unaffected.

This info comes via the Xbox support website, where even core services are listed as "Limited". Again, TV, Music, Video, and Websites are listed as alright, so at least your Xbox isn't totally useless right now.

The only two apps listed as problematic are IGN and Maxim, so if you're trying to access those — you're out of luck.

We also referenced Down Detector to see what was up with Xbox Live, hoping we were seeing random issues. Nope, it's been problematic all day. It was worse this morning, but the trend seems to be that Xbox Live is in-and-out today. For the past few hours, reported issues waffle between 70-150 or so.

Unfortunately, we don't know when it will be remedied, so if you're having issues — sit tight. If you're not having issues, quietly go about your gaming day and say nothing.

Source: Xbox Support