Tron Duck Tape commercial is best ad ever

I know I have spent my share of time thinking that Tronguy is a major dork. I am 100% sure that I am not the only one to think this. When you slide your portly frame into a skin tight, homemade Tron suit people are going to judge. Tronguy has landed himself in a commercial that is simply the geekiest and best commercial to ever hit the web.

This should have been a Super Bowl commercial for sure. It starts out with three rolls of blue Duck Tape brand tape on one side of The Grid and the three other rolls on the other. The rolls take off trailing tape behind them like the little light walls Lightcycles put out. Right when the blue roll is about to take out the enemy the commercial makes a change in direction.

A hot blonde walks into the garage and yells that she told Tronguy to clean not play with tape. When the camera pans around we see Tronguy sitting there in his suit. He stands up and throws his Frisbee disc at her to no avail. I love this commercial!

[via The Scifi Cast]